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Educate and engage with customers via blogs

Annie Mariya Sam,    22 May 2013
Educate and engage with customers via blogs

Are you among the two-thirds of marketers who believe blogs play a critical role in building your business? Do your blogs attract more customers? Is your blog heavy on information and light on self promotion? Are you really connecting with your customers through your blogs?

United Spirits Limited (USL), a leading manufacturer of alcohol and spirits, seems to have gotten the answers to those questions right. The company’s community portal, developed in collaboration with Interakt, targeted India’s young, pub-hopping generation with all sorts of relevant content—cocktail recipes, party planning ideas, the most happening parties, and celebrity fashion.

In the blog section of the portal, USL engaged with those fun-seeking, style-conscious party goers by feeding them information on how to dress for a party, how to score a date, and even how savvy party hosts should stock their bar. These exclusive, highly practical party-related blogs turned spiritzandmore.com into a virtual party-goer’s encyclopaedia and established the portal as the authentic, expert resource for party information.

The blogs soon generated a fan following as readers began commenting on entries and consistently shared their personal insights and tips. Sometimes readers would seek advice on a party dilemma, to which Interakt, as the moderator, or another reader would respond. As a result of interaction and user-generated information, members became “partners” with the brand and ambassadors for its message.

The blogs prompted Interakt to create a chat board for members of the community and a Facebook page. As the word spread on social media about this new hip party blog, more people began visiting the blogs and eventually registered on the site. Through the blogs, USL was able to establish a base of brand-loyal party goers and purchasers of USL products. This is a great example of how an engaging blog can attract new customers and educate them about the brand without being intrusive.

Blogs not only inform their readers, they educate the brands themselves with direct-from-the-consumer brand intelligence. With thoughtful analysis of the information, brands consistently discover new aspects of their business.  Sometimes they even uncover untapped or underutilized business capabilities, or simply get better at customer service.

For example, when a blogger for a major office equipment manufacturer deleted a legitimate customer complaint on a blog, a huge backlash from the blogging community forced the company to come up with a blogging policy, including guidelines on how to respond to customer criticism.  Through this experience, the company and its bloggers learned how to maintain an open and honest dialogue with customers.




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