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Just tap it: creative uses for NFC technology

PMO Team,    06 Feb 2013
Just tap it: creative uses for NFC technology

Have you ever flipped through a magazine and wanted to place an order immediately for that one-of –a-kind product in the ad? Or visited a museum and wondered what the artist was thinking when she created that extraordinary painting? Have you wished your lunch could be prepared and paid for as soon as you arrived at the takeout counter? For tech-savvy smartphone users, such wishes and wants have already turned into everyday realities.


Tapping the power of NFC

Enabled with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, smartphones and other mobile devices can now establish radio communication with each other and with unpowered NFC chips called “tags,” opening up for their users a previously unheard-of array of mobile capabilities. And with cost of the tags already hovering around a dollar each and sure to fall even lower, NFC promises a virtually unlimited range of personal and business solutions from the totally mundane to the completely unexpected.

Here are just a few creative ways NFC has already changed how brands interact with customers and vice versa.

Giving virtual high-fives

A couple of Gap stores in Tokyo started a “Like with a high-five” Summer T Coordinates campaign. The week-long campaign pitted the two stores against each other in a competition to see who could create the best outfits. Store employees modelled GAP outfits inside the store, while customers received NFC bracelets as they entered. Then whenever customers saw an outfit they liked, they gave a “high-five” by touching the NFC bracelet to the model’s phone, which linked to a Facebook page where votes were tallied and a photo of the outfit was posted to the customer’s Facebook profile. Customers who participated in the campaign went home with a free denim bracelet and 20 percent rebate on their next GAP purchase.

Replacing audio tour guides

Nokia and the Museum of London teamed up to bring the museum’s exhibitions to life. Visitors can tap their smartphones on an NFC tag at an exhibit and discover the exciting history behind it. Visitors can also sponsor a year’s worth of history at the museum and get the year named after them, all using NFC. Read more about how the museum is tapping into the power of NFC here.

Bringing magazines to life

Wired magazine inserted NFC tags in select copies of one issue as a part of a marketing campaign for the 2013 Lexus GS sport sedan. The insert allowed NFC-enabled smartphones to access a microsite created to promote the luxury car. This ad had the honor of being the first mass-produced print advertisement in the United States to use an NFC tag.

Taking your orders

Brand Table, a product designed for food courts to take orders via a mobile device, lets shoppers choose the food service brand, the menu, and even make payments by placing their phone on NFC-based brand stickers placed on the table. When the order is ready, diners receive a phone notification. This creative idea saves customers the inconvenience of standing in a queue and enables employees to focus on serving the customer better. Watch Brand Table in action here.

Interakt has already begun to explore different ways we can put NFC to work for our clients. Do you have smart ideas for using NFC technology to make doing business and living life easier, share them with us at: info@interaktmail.com

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