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Making Waterscrumfall work

PMO Team,    27 Feb 2013
Making Waterscrumfall work

Combining Scrum and Waterfall methodologies for software development can strike a happy medium between traditional and Agile approaches. Though experts disagree about the combined model, referred to as Waterscrumfall, Interakt has reaped success through its innovative implementation of this model.

So, what did we do right to make Waterscrumfall work?


From the start, Interakt focussed on developing applications in a way that addressed the operational difficulties involved in developing a complex product. We knew the key business benefits offered by Agile, such as faster development, increased business value, and improved flexibility and responsiveness. While applying Waterscrumfall, Interakt took care not to lose these benefits by drawing clear lines between the two methodologies, avoiding embedding one method within the other.

At Interakt, we handle the non-development functions, such as business interaction, release management, and testing using the Waterfall method, while the development teams stick to Scrum methodologies. Agile practices such as Scrum meetings, backlogs, and rapid feedback on the developing software become part of the day-to-day product development process. We do requirement analysis and planning up front before the start of a sprint, and complete the build and release processes through several stages or “staging areas” before an actual release. The key decision makers review and approve the front-end of the projects.

The clearly defined roles between Scrum and Waterfall help us to create a transparent development process that encourages continuous improvement. The new framework pushes the teams to deliver value to the customers, and reaps all the benefits offered by Agile. The only challenge Interakt faces is scope creep; because the feedback comes in the middle of sprints, it becomes easy for new feature requests to be added to the feedbacks, which can ultimately lead to scope creep.

True to our philosophy of being creative, innovative, and engaging in everything we do, Interakt continues to explore how to continuously leverage the Waterscrumfall model for business success.

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