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Mobile apps move consumers to action

PMO Team,    18 Apr 2013
Mobile apps move consumers to action

Do branded mobile apps have more power to push consumers to take action than conventional digital marketing tactics? There’s no single answer, but the multitude of branded apps available in the market indicates that marketers apparently see mobile apps as adding value to their offerings and power to their brands.

This isn’t just speculation. According to a U.S.-based survey of household shoppers, 27 percent of respondents agreed that they make unplanned purchases influenced by mobile apps. The Mobile apps are a successful way to convert prospects into buyers underscores the success of mobile apps in converting prospects to buyers when compared with more conventional digital tactics.

So, what gives mobile apps the power to influence your customer’s purchasing decisions? This widespread shift in shopping behavior can be attributed to two key benefits mobile apps offer: a highly personal level of interaction and ease of use.

The nature of personal mobile devices adds a level of intimacy to the interaction between consumers and their apps, which get delivered on demand right into consumers’ ownership. Add to that the ease of making an app-guided purchase, and the result is a persuasive, engaging call to action. Mobile apps also combine other brand-building tools such as loyalty programs and location-specific catalogues, adding yet another level of interaction and engagement virtually unmatched by other online marketing tools—SMS, email, banner ads, or even brand websites.

At Interakt, we help brands move their customers to action through mobile. Take, for example, the party app we developed for United Spirits Limited (USL). Created for hip young adults across major Indian cities, the app provides location-based information on the most happening parties and events for a selected date or place along with cool tips on party planning and drinking responsibly. Initially, party goers used the app only to find useful party information, but over time, they turned into brand loyalists. USL reported a noticeable increase of footfalls in outlets promoted through the app and spikes in sale of USL brands across these cities.


It worked for USL. It can work for you. For some expert guidance on how to develop a results-focused mobile app to boost your sales, contact Interakt today at info@interaktmail.com .

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