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Power to the people – John Lennon

PMO Team,    21 Jun 2012
Power to the people – John Lennon

Have you ever listened to a feel-good song, only to hear it humming in your head? Well, Interakt’s Annual Meet had the same effect on its employees. You just have to listen to their opinions on the lovely evening at GRT Grand, Chennai. The atmosphere was joyous and hearty. There was a strong sense of satisfaction in the achievements and contributions, the organization, and the individuals had made over the last year.


An elaborate awards ceremony with bits and pieces of entertainment and the keynote addresses—just like nibbles of bacon in a salad, served up with a full bodied wine. Each event acted as a key ingredient to the other, complementing and drinking in the collective joy and wisdom.

There were awards for the Most Promising Interaktor, Mr. 24/7, Ms. Go-Getter, Mr. Dependable, Exceptional Human Being, and many more such categories. The celebrated toast of the organization that evening was Interakt’s Employee of the Year, who even in middle of the event did manage to whip his laptop out and solve a client query.

But the jewel among all these awards, I thought, was the Long-term Service Award, given out to—believe this or not—12 Interaktors who have been around for more than 4 years, some even for up to double that time!

All in all it was a fun event, filled with some driven Interaktors, passion, and sense of belonging—something a new entrant looks for in an organization. There was a fashion show, a couple of groovy dances, and what seemed like a fusion of drama and dance—which in my knowledge of Tamil or the lack of it rabbit punched me. We danced to the tunes of “The Boss” and enjoyed the evening with drinks and a lavish spread. Knowing that all of this was arranged in two days flat made the feat even more credible and I would like to congratulate the team for putting up a solid show. ‘Fantastic!’





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