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PMO Team,    21 May 2012

Now, is that good marketing advice? Aren’t we supposed to say enough and more about what we may, could, want to, or do really sell, offer, promote? In an ideal world, yes. But then, in an ideal world, your audience would lend a good listening ear—and for a decent length of time too. Not that they don’t want to, mind you. Just that they are pretty much the victims of less time, busy lives, and too many choices as it is.
They’re still eager and open to words that attract, views that intrigue, and/or experiences they want to be involved with—but only if it all happens in the first 8 to 10 seconds of you connecting with them (so the experts say). So, what can you do copy-wise to maximize this time?

1. Work out what is really essential and relevant for the target audience before writing copy.

2. Convert this into benefit-laden headlines and intros that are short but pack a punch.

3. Keep copy simple so it’s easy to understand.




The point here being that it’s more important to say what’s important than to stay more. Do you have more to say on saying less? Write in! info@interaktmail.com .

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