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Slideshare Vs. YouTube

PMO Team,    28 Apr 2009
Slideshare Vs. YouTube

The Internet revolution has taken a huge leap, with more than 1.1 billion people across the world using the Internet for various purposes. They consider it a part of their life and many consider it their life support system. These days you can work wonders like creating and collaborating on things from various parts of the world and presenting them to anybody in any location at any time—just like building an A380 airplane in multiple facilities and assembling it at one location.

As the Internet has gotten stronger and better, some innovative products and services have been created that engage users in performing tasks and activities. One such innovation was YouTube, where users were allowed to upload videos and share with their network. Another was SlideShare, where users upload PowerPoint or Open Office presentation files and share them online through a YouTube-like interface.




SlideShare and YouTube have similarities and differences. Both allow users to upload content and share it with the rest of the world, but SlideShare allows users to download content. YouTube doesn’t allow users to download, but video can be extracted through a third party tool. Both have a community, from kids to people with wrinkles. Categorization is another common feature. Both allow users to advertise, search for content, upload, and so on. SlideShare allows embedding of YouTube videos in the presentation. YouTube allows uploading of HD-quality videos and users can embed their comments. Now that the iPhone is in the hands of many users, YouTube made a smart move by developing an iPhone app. SlideShare has yet to make its mark on the iPhone but they do have a mobile version as of now.

Users are expecting that YouTube will develop into a platform for movies, like an online movie house with HD quality that might become a tough competitor for joost.com and hulu.com. I’m sure SlideShare will also come up with some cool features—let’s wait and watch. Overall both are great services and I give them full marks for innovation.


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