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Sentiment analysis: the next step for digital marketers

Consider that 75,000 new blogs are created daily* with 1.2 million new posts each day, add in Facebook posts, Twitter feeds, online reviews, and all the other ways people express their views online, and the volume of opinions becomes overwhelming. Can a company really monitor and use all those customer reactions strewn across the web? Absolutely. With the right technology and marketing team, any company can incorporate customers’ feedback into their business model. How? Sentiment analysis.


  • 25 Sep, 2014
Keeping up social customer service SLAs

The demand for social media customer service is so high that brands like Ford have a dedicated Twitter handle for customer service. Even though conventional customer service methods like phone or email support offer real-time SLAs, consumers continue to flock to social media communities with the hope of finding immediate solutions. In a recent survey conducted by Interakt, ...

  • 26 Nov, 2013
Educate and engage with customers via blogs

Are you among the two-thirds of marketers who believe blogs play a critical role in building your business? Do your blogs attract more customers? Is your blog heavy on information and light on self promotion? ...

  • 22 May, 2013
Living in a glass house

Social media shines a new light of transparency on business behavior

With the omnipresent eye of social media tracking every move a brand makes, businesses can no longer sustain brand strength with window-dressing ...

  • 20 Apr, 2013
Hashtags on Facebook: more than symbolic, good for business.

Facebook’s plan to incorporate hashtags—a  practice popularized by Twitter—looks like a very smart business move, both for the social media giant and its advertisers. Putting a hashtag in front of word or phrase makes it ...

  • 15 Mar, 2013
Between the crowd and the chosen

Author Scott Berkun wrote in one of his essays that optimal design is a myth. Web design is controlled by several factors, so when designers try to satisfy one criterion, it might affect other aspects of the design as well. ...

  • 01 Jun, 2012