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Building strong brands through the power of digital communications.

Building strong brands through the power of digital communications

Usability Studies and Research

Make sure your users' experiences live up to all expectations—theirs and yours

Interactivity, functionality, performance. These are the essential elements and the guiding principles for ensuring totally satisfying user experiences for real people in the real world. That's what Interakt delivers with our world-class usability study and research services.

We go beyond the expected, addressing social platform integration, responsive design, and cross-platform consistency to give you confidence that your digital properties deliver a personalized, satisfying user experience every time.

  • Most companies say they’re committed to delivering the best online user experience possible, yet only



    conduct any online UX testing.

Enhanced user experience. Greater brand affinity. Better business results.

Interakt identifies and bridges the gaps between your audience's expectations and your digital property's performance with a rigorous user-focused process for testing and evaluating every dimension critical to the user experience—technology, content, business objectives, and brand consistency.

Effortless. Unified. Rewarding. Customer experiences that get results.
User Research and Analysis
  • Focus groups
  • Surveys
  • Interviews
  • Competitive benchmark studies
  • Personal definition and user profiling
Usability Evaluation
  • Information architecture
  • Navigation paradigm design
  • Rich Internet application interface design
  • Prototyping
Interface Design
  • Expert review
  • Usability testing

Our business-driven, user-centric design approach

  • Understand user business and system
  • Planning
  • Data review
  • Competitive study
  • Expert walkthrough
  • User walkthrough
  • Strategy framework
  • Technology tradeoffs
  • Feature prioritization and categorization
  • Storyboarding
  • Prototyping
  • Development
  • Standardization
  • Mockup screens
  • Task flows
  • Screen specifications
  • Functional specifications

Our usability study process and research methods

Our expertise across different levels of usability design and testing methodologies helps ensure the optimal user experience at every stage of development—from concepts to fully deployed digital properties.

  • Strategy
    User needs and site objectives Ethnography, contextual inquiry, and surveys
  • Scope
    Functional specifications and content requirements Task analysis, mental model, and personas
  • Structure
    Interaction design, information architecture Card sorting and scenarios
  • Skeleton
    Interface, navigation, and information design Cognitive walkthroughs, user testing, and heuristic evaluation
  • Surface
    Visual design User testing and heuristic evaluation

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