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Interakt Celebrates Its 11th Anniversary

14 Sep 2015

Interakt Celebrates Its 11th Anniversary

Interakt Digital Group, a full-service digital communications agency , established in 2004, is celebrating its 11th year in business this year, continuing its growth as one of the few completely independent agencies in the region.

A Woman Who Means Business

23 Feb 2015


What unique challenges, if any, does a woman face when she takes the top spot in the executive suite? Interakt’s CEO, Redickaa Subrammanian, offers her point of view on women in charge and other related issues in a Q& A session with The Huffington Post….

Three Valuable Lessons for Entrepreneurs

05 Dec 2013


A recent bylined article on by Interakt’s CEO and chief strategist, Redicka Subrammanian, attracted thousands of hits and scores of tweets with its three important lessons for entrepreneurs. Redicka recounts how turning down an acquisition offer taught her the importance of…