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Building next generation CIP diagnostics with Ecolab

09 May 2012

Building next generation

As the most knowledgeable CIP company in the world, Ecolab offers its clients expertise in engineering and sanitary design as well as cleaning and sanitization. Part of its offerings includes automation applications such as Transformetrixx,…

Interakt is Nalco’s “Trusted Partner”

23 Apr 2012

DONE__Interakt is Nalco

Nalco, an Ecolab company, is one of the world’s leading sustainability services companies providing expertise in water, energy, and air technologies. With a wide range of solutions that could benefit almost any manufacturing industry, Nalco is committed to improving the quality of its customer …

Levi’s® APD goes online with retailers

10 Sep 2011


With ever-increasing number of stores in more countries across the region, Levi’s® has always faced the challenge of keeping its retailers on the ground updated, with the right information and at the right time….