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Interakt’s CEO Redicka featured on Tabla

15 Nov 2009


Interakt takes pride in the featuring of its CEO Redicka in a leading weekly for the Indian diaspora in Singapore named Tabla. The article, part of a series sponsored by the Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce (SICCI), celebrates young achievers in the Indian entrepreneur community across different industries.

Representing the communications space, the article titled “A Quest for Perfection”, has gotten Redicka to spill the beans on a gamut of topics like her background, entrepreneurship and its challenges, her achievements, family, and even artistic pursuits!

Among other accolades, Redicka has also received the DBS-SICCI “Indian entrepreneur of the year” award for 2007. And as Interakt makes great strides, we wish her all success in her “quest for perfection.”…

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