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Citi gives an exclusive virtual welcome

18 Aug 2010


Citibank is one of the largest banks in the world, with a strong presence in India offering a comprehensive set of services including credit cards, loans, investments, insurance, and NRI banking. Communication with customers is an area that Citibank drives focus on, be it in the form of advertisements, direct mails, or welcome notes. While Citibank was accustomed to providing its new customers with printed welcome packs, they sought an innovative way to welcome a niche section of their credit card holders.

Rising to the challenge, Interakt pitched right in and created an e-Welcome Kit featuring a virtual mall. Starting with an intriguing introduction which teased the audience into viewing the rest of the spectacle, the kit took the user through the virtual mall in which the card-relevant information, such as the benefits, offers, and other details were embedded into the various interactive areas of the setting.

All of this, wrapped in a CD-ROM, is set to go out and give Citibank credit card holders a warm, digital welcome, in the coming months….

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