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White Mischief Gals get naughty on SpiritzandMore.com

10 May 2010

White Mischief Gals

With the IPL fever at an all-time high in the country, the glamor of the cheerleaders only added to the excitement! SpiritzandMore has been in the thick of it all with its exclusive coverage of IPL parties, and some never-seen-before pictures of IPL events and exciting contests. But one of the highlights of this season has undoubtedly been its White Mischief Gals campaign.

Leveraging the universal sex appeal and charm of these cheerleaders of a leading IPL team, Interakt created an interactive application that gave SpiritzandMore members the chance to get up close and personal with these Gals virtually, tickling them “blue” while getting back some really naughty responses from them.

The initial crowd was drawn in through social media and mailers, while word-of-mouth and online invitations created a rapid, viral effect, making it one of SpiritzandMore‚Äôs most successful campaigns on the portal….

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