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Levi’s® India rockets ahead in the social media space

10 Jul 2010

Levis India rockets ahead

The Levi’s® India Facebook page, started in 2009, is an online property managed and maintained by Interakt as part of the digital activation of the brand. Even with only a few hundred members to begin with, Interakt fast realized that the Levi’s® India Facebook page was an important channel of communication for brand loyalists, who wanted to show their brand love and also seek answers for their queries on Levi’s® products and stores.

This positive trend has been leveraged by Interakt and Levi’s® to increase interaction with the consumers through regular updates about the brand, its products, and other periodic promotions. The innovative quizzes, polls, contests, and exclusive pictures all contributed to the sticky factor of the page, making it buzz with activity at any given point of time.

The fan count steadily increased in thousands over the year and it wasn’t long before the 100,000 milestone was achieved. With fan count continuing to rise, Interakt and Levi’s® look forward to achieving much more through social media engagement….

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