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A proud achievement for both Interakt and NetShelter alike

08 Oct 2010

DONE__A proud achievement

NetShelter Technology Media helps marketers target and connect with contextually relevant audiences, allowing them to integrate their content in innovative ways and deepen their engagement by becoming part of ongoing community discussions. NetShelter works very closely with brand advertisers for Verizon, Nokia, and Panasonic and brings together the expertise, content, and editorial resources from its publisher network to produce scalable programs.

To create greater awareness of its capabilities, NetShelter decided to enhance its website make it a contemporary online destination for various marketers, enlisting Interakt’s expertise to suitably communicate its value proposition through this channel.

Interakt’s work scope involved the design and development of the corporate website, integrating it to a Joomla 1.6 content management system and WordPress Blog. All this was accomplished over a short span of one month, testifying to the great precision which led to the speedy and successful launch of the website….

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