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Interakt brings online SATS’s new branding

08 Jun 2011

Interakt brings online SATS's new branding

Since 1967, Singapore Airport Terminal Services (SATS) has been providing comprehensive ground-handling services to some of the biggest international airlines operating out of Singapore’s Changi Airport, including Singapore Airlines. Over the years, SATS has also diversified its services to provide airline catering and non-aviation food services to other industries as well.

With over 60 years of experience in the region, SATS had undertaken SATS had undertaken a new branding program. Realizing the importance of an online identity at this stage, SATS called on Interakt to build a website that best represents its new branding image as well its ever-expanding capabilities.

Rising to the challenge, Interakt has delivered a world-class website that resonates with its new branding philosophy, while also making the website visit a new journey in user experience for SATS’ varied target audiences. Built on Sharepoint 2010, an enterprise content management system platform, the website will be managed by SATS business divisions themselves, through workflows configured for the organizational flow of new content. This will ensure that the site is not only attractive, but also remains current at all times.

To experience the new SATS branding online, visit www.sats.com.sg

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