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SpiritzandMore.com is 100,000 strong

01 Jun 2011

SpiritzandMorecom is a 100000 strong

Starting out as a novel venture supported by United Spirits Limited, SpiritzandMore.com was meant to be an online destination for party-goers and event-watchers in India. But, with some really unique campaigns, nationwide coverage for high-profile events, and constantly refreshed content, SpiritzandMore.com has gone way beyond to become one of the most visited sites in the country for anything on parties, fashion, and lifestyle.

Over the recent months, SpiritzandMore.com had gotten its members a virtual front seat at premier events such as the IPL Signature After Match Parties, the Signature Derby, Black Dog comedy evenings, Pub Rock fests, and innumerable fashion shows across Delhi, Mumbai, and other cities in India. Besides covering these events comprehensively across the portal, Facebook, and Twitter, SpiritzandMore.com has also given away a hoard of free tickets to these events as well as other attractive prizes to the winners and participants of various contests.

With the yearly calendar filled choc-a-bloc with high-octane events and still more great ideas to come, catering to the interests of the burgeoning youth population, Spiritzandmore.com looks set to increase its fan base 100% more over the next few months….

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