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The whole nine yards with YTL

20 Apr 2011

DONE__The whole 9-yards with YTL

Following YTL Corp rolling out its YES 4G broadband services in November 2010, it has seen a significant increase in subscribers, warranting a critical look at the online user experience of specific information and services sections on its website. And to help do this, YTL has invited Interakt, wanting to leverage its expertise in multiple disciplines such as usability, technology, and creativity.

In addition to re-engineering specific sections of the online user experience, Interakt has also been tasked with setting up a robust email marketing platform that can be used for both internal communication across business units as well as external communication for reaching out to YES subscribers for account information updates and ad-hoc marketing initiatives.

Concurrent to the streamlining of YES’ online user experience, Interakt will also be working on refreshing its mobile touch point user interfaces, given the high rate of mobile interaction with subscribers and integrated internal applications that will facilitate efficient processing and management of services.

Having just commenced, these initiatives are expected to be developed and implemented over the next couple of quarters….

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