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Interakt unveils the new Global Delivery Platform

01 Jun 2009

Interakt unveils the new Global Delivery Platform_1

Interakt’s hub-and-spoke delivery model, which services its sales and account management departments in different parts of the world through two centers of excellence in Singapore and India, has always been a major selling point with all its global clients.

This model has been instrumental in increasing efficiency and decreasing costs, resulting in the delivery of strategies and solutions of global relevance but with an appropriate local flavor.

The implementation of a new collaborative platform supporting this model further enables and empowers the progress of relationships with clients, right from the initiation stage to the fulfillment of the engagement objectives.

The Global Delivery Platform (GDP) ensures easy access to information and the latest technology to stay connected in real time. Besides supporting strategic consultation and creative ideation, it also facilitates planning, collaboration, and coordination with clients and internal teams across different locations in order to achieve common objectives and deliver Interakt’s exceptional quality of work.

The GDP is currently being used for all ongoing projects at Interakt and has been received well by all our partners and clients, who are appreciative of the transparency it affords and the flexibility of its collaborative approach….

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