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Interakt invites the Indian youth to “Live Unbuttoned”

30 Jun 2009

DONE__India Launches Online Catalog

Extending Levi’s® digital identity with the Indian youth and complementing Levi’s® “Live Unbuttoned” nationwide campaign India, Interakt conceptualized and executed a creatively stunning digital campaign along the same theme.

While the previous online campaign tapped on the creative skills of the Indian youth, encouraging them to compete for a place in the next Live Unbuttoned production featuring Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar, Bollywood’s super star, the current campaign has been conceptualized to connect the Levi’s® brand attitude that promotes unconventional thinking to the youth’s aspiration to be different and yet unembarrassed, uninhibited, and unashamed.

The highlight of the campaign is a microsite with a Flash animated Expression Wall created over a cityscape, allowing site visitors to publish their “Unbuttoned” expressions instantly. The multi-faceted campaign also includes eDMs, banners, social media components, and downloadables such as ringtones, wallpapers, and hybrid screen savers.

This chance to be instantly famous created a viral effect resulting in a large number of participants for the contest, referrals, and the continuous rating of popular expressions posted. A slew of prizes such as gift vouchers and original Levi’s® merchandise await those with the highest ratings and a nod from the jury.

The campaign has been a runaway success, with 50,000 site visits, 12,000 contest registrations and over 7,000 online referrals in about a month, and has led to a significant rise in Levi’s® image among the youth in the country….

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