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Interakt Celebrates Its 11th Anniversary

14 Sep 2015

Interakt Celebrates Its 11th Anniversary

Interakt Digital Group, a full-service digital communications agency , established in 2004, is celebrating its 11th year in business this year, continuing its growth as one of the few completely independent agencies in the region.

Speaking on this occasion, Redickaa Subrammanian, the CEO, summarized,”The last decade and more has been an equally challenging and satisfying experience, especially as a totally self-funded entity. Those in the market know the significance of this status and the resilience that it translates to. We’ve been creative enough to bag some really great brands as our customers; diverse enough to ride on the varying market forces across regions but above all, lucky enough to have a wonderful, close-knit team that has stood united over this long journey.”

Interakt’s core practices of Digital Marketing, Engaged Learning, Technology and User Experience have seen it servicing over 200 clients across 15 verticals and 50 geographies. Its engagements – regional and global – have seen the delivery of over 750 digital campaigns across web, social and mobile as well as training for over 400,000 engaged learners.

R.Dakshen, Co-founder and VP (Operations), remarked on the occasion, “Digital is an ever-changing animal. What was relevant yesterday is passé today and what’s not even in the landscape today might be the next big thing tomorrow. But when the dust settles, we’ll still be there – like we have in the past. We believe in helping brands succeed – through our constantly updated knowledge, drive to deliver and passion to innovate.”

A testament to its brand contributions are the words of Mr.Biswajit Dash, Senior Manager and COE Specialist at RIL, a Fortune 100 company who said, “It’s overwhelming to see Interakt’steam work, global skill set, design and development capabilities, and above all the zeal to deliver.They make the impossible seem meaningless with faith and hard work.”

Adding to this are the observations of Mr.Narasimha M. Rao, Vice President, RD & E at Ecolab, “More than the tangible things, I really appreciated Interakt’s ability to understand what we were trying to accomplish as a business, and proactively suggest improvements to our original ideas, and work as a true partner with my team to provide that “value added” touch to everything.”

Following the turn of a decade, Interakt is now set to leverage this tremendous experience in marketing communications with a foray into the development of marketing automation solutions and related services, as a natural extension to its capabilities.

To learn more about Interakt, visit www.interaktco.com….

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