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When tablets are driving sales direction

23 May 2016

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With India moving ahead of China as the No.1 two-wheeler market, one of the country’s leading two-wheeler brands has consciously decided to invest in the training of its sales force to tap the still growing market. Based on internal research, this brand has kick-started an initiative to develop tablet-based apps that will serve both as a training kit for salespersons on the ground and a sales kit to engage walk-in customers. 

Speaking on the occasion of the app release for a pilot across showrooms, Interakt’s CEO remarked, “By putting core sales and greater support information onto a mobile tablet platform, we will be able to place better-informed employees and great brand ambassadors in front of the sometimes indecisive customer. Both our client and we believe, this provides the best approach to consultative selling, aimed at helping customers make the best decisions.”

The tablet app is designed to deliver information around popular two-wheeler models in different categories, comprising product features, pricing information and services plans. Leveraging the latest in interactive, mobile technology, the app also provides for customer interaction and lead management, enabling salespersons to showcase the different models to customers, based on enquiries.

To be implemented in phases, this ongoing initiative will see the progressive adoption of the app across the country as well as its expansion to support more products, categories and features for better engagement.

In the fast-paced world of automobile, management need all relevant data at their fingertips to properly manage sales, track spending and timelines, and forecast accurately. With the implementation of the tablet application, now critical information is easily accessible in a secure virtual binder, eliminating the need for the often outdated and incomplete paper job binders carried to and fro.

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