A proud achievement for both Interakt and NetShelter alike

08 Oct 2010

NetShelter Technology Media helps marketers target and connect with contextually relevant audiences, allowing them to integrate their content in innovative ways and deepen their engagement by becoming part of ongoing community discussions. NetShelter works very closely with brand advertisers for Verizon, Nokia,…


Citi gives an exclusive virtual welcome

18 Aug 2010

Citibank is one of the largest banks in the world, with a strong presence in India offering a comprehensive set of services including credit cards, loans, investments, insurance, and NRI banking. Communication with customers is an area that Citibank drives focus on, be it in the form of advertisements, direct mails, or welcome notes….


Levi’s® India rockets ahead in the social media space

10 Jul 2010

The Levi’s® India Facebook page, started in 2009, is an online property managed and maintained by Interakt as part of the digital activation of the brand. Even with only a few hundred members to begin with, Interakt fast realized that the Levi’s® India Facebook page …