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Building next generation CIP diagnostics with Ecolab

09 May 2012

Building next generation

As the most knowledgeable CIP company in the world, Ecolab offers its clients expertise in engineering and sanitary design as well as cleaning and sanitization. Part of its offerings includes automation applications such as Transformetrixx, that channel raw CIP data from plants for processing, expert analysis, and recommendations.

Interakt is partnering with Ecolab as they evolve Transformetrixx into a next generation CIP diagnostics application. Starting with the first phase of the initiative that focuses on strategic planning and building an architectural roadmap for this automation solution, subsequent phases will initiate development as well as progressive integration of Ecolab’s systems into one standard framework.

Leveraging the latest in technology such as cloud deployment, mobile access, and on-demand reporting, the new Transformetrixx will work towards a single view of consolidated CIP diagnostic and performance information, both for Ecolab teams and its clients on the ground.

With teams located across multiple geographies to optimize time and increase cost efficiencies, Interakt is looking to completing development by the third quarter of the year….

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