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From chalk to cheese! Interakt delights Syngene with website transformation

05 Apr 2013

From chalk to cheese

“Interakt took our website to a whole new height–from chalk to cheese.” That’s how Syngene’s Director, Peter Bains, described Interakt’s redesign and revamp of the corporate website for the global pharma research and manufacturing company,…

More Estée Lauder brands lead in the digital game with Interakt partnership

12 Mar 2013

More Estee Lauder brands

Estée Lauder strengthens its digital platform as it continues its partnership with Interakt, bringing more of the beauty giant’s premium brands further ahead in the digital arena. As a company known for innovation and superior quality, …

Interakt’s CEO speaks about “Engage, Inspire, Involve–Learning that Works”

05 Feb 2013

interakt CEO speaks about

Engage, inspire, involve through the power of storytelling. That’s the take home lesson that Interakt CEO Redickaa Subrammanian delivered in a recent global webinar titled “Learning that Works” sponsored in conjunction with the Brandon Hall Group, …