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01 Jun 2011

SpiritzandMorecom is a 100000 strong

Starting out as a novel venture supported by United Spirits Limited, was meant to be an online destination for party-goers and event-watchers in India. But, with some really unique campaigns, nationwide coverage for high-profile events, …

Scalable UI for Nalco’s sustainability solutions

13 May 2011

Scalable UI for Nalco's sustainability solutions

Nalco is the world’s largest sustainability services company focusing on industrial water, air, and energy applications. Servicing over 50,000 customer locations across 150 countries…

The whole nine yards with YTL

20 Apr 2011

DONE__The whole 9-yards with YTL

Following YTL Corp rolling out its YES 4G broadband services in November 2010, it has seen a significant increase in subscribers, warranting a critical look at the online user experience of specific information and services sections on its website. …