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Forward-thinking retailers interweave digital tools with sales

09 Oct 2013


How can retailers and manufacturers survive the scrutiny and demands of today’s consumers and leverage the new shopping paradigm to their advantage? That was the subject of “The 21st Century Consumer,” the cover story of the August/September 2013 issue of Military Retailer magazine. The cover story guides the retailers on how they can attract and retain today’s information empowered consumer.

Interakt’s CEO and chief strategist, Redicka Subrammanian, one of the experts quoted in the article, put the issues into perspective from the start providing insights into the psyche of today’s restless consumers and their needs and sharing her advice on how retailers can capitalize on digital communication techniques to meet consumer needs.


Redicka commented, “Forward-thinking retailers should be looking at how they’re interweaving digital tools like mobile, context, and video with sales, marketing, and customer service. When these things are used well, the technology becomes invisible. Customers simply see retailers as being very good at giving them exactly what they want.”

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