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Interakt’s CEO speaks about “Engage, Inspire, Involve–Learning that Works”

05 Feb 2013

interakt CEO speaks about

Engage, inspire, involve through the power of storytelling. That’s the take home lesson that Interakt CEO Redickaa Subrammanian delivered in a recent global webinar titled “Learning that Works” sponsored in conjunction with the Brandon Hall Group, the preeminent research and analyst organization. The webinar, which was hosted by Stacey Harris, VP Research and Advisory Services of the Brandon Hall Group, received registrations from over 260 corporate learning and development professionals.

During the session, Redicka delivered a compelling case proving the effectiveness of the storytelling approach in creating learning programs that work. Using several examples from Interakt’s portfolio, she highlighted how Interakt has reaped success by employing storytelling in its Engaged Learning practice. The examples taught the participants how to use storytelling to capture learner attention within the first 30 seconds of the learning experience, touch their senses to ensure retention, and motivate them to apply their learning. She revealed how her strong marketing experience had led her to discover the power of storytelling not only in learning solutions but also in all forms of internal and external brand communications. She also talked about the changing trends in learning practices, such as the growing acceptance of social learning.

The recorded version of the webinar has attracted more than a hundred views within a month. The webinar is also the most popular video under the learning and development category in the Brandon Hall portal….

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