Levi’s® India launches online catalog

05 Sep 2011

Levi’s® India recently added a new online service to customers through the launch of its online catalog on its website, managed by Interakt.

The online catalog section allows users to browse the entire Levi’s® collection, providing details such as the style number, fit, color, wash, fabric, blend, fly, available sizes…


Being a Part Of Levi’s® APD

15 Jul 2011

Levi’s® Asia Pacific (APD) encompasses a large number of countries, multiple languages, and varied cultures, making it a complex structure to manage in terms of digital marketing….


Interakt brings online SATS’s new branding

08 Jun 2011

Since 1967, Singapore Airport Terminal Services (SATS) has been providing comprehensive ground-handling services to some of the biggest international airlines operating out of Singapore’s Changi Airport, including Singapore Airlines….