Align your brand from the inside out

08 Nov 2013

In 2009, two Domino’s employees filmed themselves adding some “extra” toppings to food they were preparing in one of the pizza chain’s North Carolina kitchens. After the employees posted the film to YouTube, the story spread like wildfire via social media, and, in a matter of days, …


3 lessons I learned from saying no to an acquisition offer

08 Nov 2013

A few years back, one of the largest advertising agencies in the world offered to buy my company, a startup digital communications firm. It wasn’t “sell-your-house-and-live-on-a-yacht” kind of money, but it was more than enough to capture my full, undivided attention….


Forward-thinking retailers interweave digital tools with sales

09 Oct 2013

How can retailers and manufacturers survive the scrutiny and demands of today’s consumers and leverage the new shopping paradigm to their advantage? That was the subject of “The 21st Century Consumer,” the cover story of the August/September 2013 issue of Military Retailer