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Serious brand gaps signal warnings to carriers

09 Nov 2013


A recent study conducted by Interakt showed that the four major wireless carriers in the United States–AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile–falter when it comes to delivering on the promises they make, a warning they should heed. More than one-third of respondents report having abandoned a carrier because it did not live up to the promises made. Almost another 13% are currently considering switching to another carrier for the same reason. That’s close to half of customers in churn.

The study also examines the increasingly important role of social media and whether or not these brands are keeping up with the digital demands of the modern consumer. According to Interakt CEO and Chief Strategist Redicka Subrammanian, “The data show consumers sending a clear signal that they expect a fairly immediate response from their wireless provider on social media.”

The findings have also generated considerable interest in the trade media, including coverage by BizReport, a leading source for Internet business and e-commerce news, under a title that screamed: “Get those Twitter response times down, or pay the price.”

The study report–The Wireless Branding Gap: Where’s the Disconnect?–recounts a cautionary tale for wireless providers. It also sends a signal to brands in other industries struggling to meet customers’ expectations: deliver your promises inside out or face the consequences. Download the full report here.

If you know or suspect that your organization has gaps between brand promise and brand experience, talk to Interakt. We’ll help you pinpoint where disconnects happen and work with you to bridge the gaps….

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