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Three Valuable Lessons for Entrepreneurs

05 Dec 2013


A recent bylined article on Forbes.com by Interakt’s CEO and chief strategist, Redicka Subrammanian, attracted thousands of hits and scores of tweets with its three important lessons for entrepreneurs. Redicka recounts how turning down an acquisition offer taught her the importance of three business values–letting others have a share of the brand’s vision, putting your dreams above your bottom line, and having the courage to trust your instincts. She finds motivation in the words of Steve Jobs’ “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” when things get tough, to which she adds “Stay independent.”

Forbes is a leading source for reliable and original articles on business and finance. Redicka’s article appears under the Women 2.0 category that features stories from women innovators in technology.

To get to know how Redicka turned business challenges into business insights, you can read the full story here….

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