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Interakt's relationship with Ecolab, a global leader in water, hygiene, and energy technologies and services, showcases the full value of our Communications inside out philosophy. Ecolab's global sales team serves as the company's pivotal connection with its diverse client base not only for developing new business, but also for delivering a full suite of consultative services.

Sales process automation enabled through a consolidated data and communications platform, the focus of Interakt's first major engagement with Ecolab, leveraged our technology expertise and led to related collaborations including an integrated customer portal as well as sales force empowerment, automated sales support tools, new product launch campaigns, and interactive staff and executive communications.

  • Sales Empowerment
    • 3D® TRASAR Technology for Membranes training program
  • Mobile Processing
    • Mobile Discovery module
  • Online Media
    • Screensavers
  • Service and Support
    • enVision customer portal for information, tracking and reporting on solution implementations
    • myNalco customer portal for system monitoring, best practices, case studies
    • 3DT CIP Diagnostics customer portal for monitoring CIP systems
    • enVision Update interactive newsletters
  • Content Marketing
    • Corporate videos
    • Product video trailers
    • Interactive presentations
  • Online Media
    • Banners
  • myNalco


    Customer-facing, value-focused portal for easy access to product performance and inventory information, operational data, support, training, and more.

  • Product trailers and video demos

    Product trailers and video demos

    Short marketing "trailers" and technology demonstrations designed to support pre-sales activity on the web and in-person sales presentations.

  • Engaged learning/sales team empowerment

    Engaged learning/sales team empowerment

    Engaged learning programs that used character-based, video storytelling to empower the global sales force to sell the company's new technology offering consultatively.

  • enVision


    State-of-the-art data and communications platform with internal and external interfaces designed to help automate the sales and support functions.

  • Mobile discovery app

    Mobile discovery app

    A mobile sales support and transactional tool that qualified prospects and collected next-step proposal information during initial site visits.

  • Interactive internal team e-newsletters

    Interactive internal team e-newsletters

    Internal communications created to keep the global sales team engaged and current with sales automation technology, and executives informed of in-field performance.

  • 3DT CIP Diagnostics

    3DT CIP Diagnostics

    A web application that gave Ecolab end users and CIP analysts a consolidated summary and detailed views of critical operational performance metrics.

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