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Interakt's longstanding relationship with Levi's® India began, appropriately enough, with a perfect fit. At the time, Levi's® was seeking to establish a strong digital presence in the region and needed an agency to make that happen quickly. Facing stiff competition, Interakt won the account because, in the words of their marketing head, we "understood Levi's® core brand essence."

Interakt successfully translated that essence into a powerful digital presence, firmly anchored in a world-class website and expanded through engaging digital marketing campaigns, a stunningly successful social media presence, in-store and mobile initiatives, and an innovative, social-platform based retail staff training program—the first ever for the company.

  • Retail Engagement
    • Retail communication program
  • Online Media
    • Go Forth regional assets rollout
    • Consumer e-newsletters
  • Viral Campaigns
    • Levi's® Diva Rule
  • Content Marketing
    • Social media posts and responses
    • Levi's® news aggregation
    • The Unbuttoned Junction blogs/community news
  • Website
    • Levi's® India website
    • E-Catalog with social sharing
  • Marketing Campaigns
    • Live Unbuttoned crowdsourcing campaign
    • Levi's® 501engagement campaign
    • Change Your World social campaign
  • Social Media
    • Facebook/Twitter management
    • Social media contests
    • The Curve ID Facebook app
  • Communities
    • Levi's® Loop community
    • Levi's® Music portal
  • eCRM
    • Loop digital kits
    • Loop communications & newsletters
  • Levi's® Loop community

    Levi's® Loop community

    Delivered its message to youth to "wear what you love and get rewarded" with membership benefits and privileges aligned with Levi's® signature lifestyle.

  • The Levi's® Music portal

    The Levi's® Music portal

    A user-driven platform in a creatively landscaped music portal for listening to and downloading tracks and rating tunes by artists seeking Levi's® sponsorship.

  • Loop communications and e-newsletters

    Loop communications and e-newsletters

    Attention-grabbing eDM initiatives reinforced brand messaging, focused on CRM, and were delivered using Interakt's Resulticks platform.

  • Levi's® Diva Rule

    Levi's® Diva Rule

    A viral campaign that allowed fans to play photographer in a virtual fashion shoot with Priyanka Chopra, one of Bollywood's hottest stars, and then post and share shots with friends.

  • Retail communication program

    Retail communication program

    A highly interactive social media platform that empowered the in-store retail sales team to understand the brand promise and deliver on it in customer interactions.

  • Levi's® India website

    Levi's® India website

    An audience-focused, highly interactive website that resonated with the Levi's® "Go forth" attitude and served as the hub for other digital and mobile campaigns.

  • Live Unbuttoned crowdsourcing campaign

    Live Unbuttoned crowdsourcing campaign

    A Flash-based Expression Wall for posting personal "Live Unbuttoned" statements; also incorporated eDMs, banners, social media, ringtones, wallpapers, and more.

  • Change Your World social campaign

    Change Your World social campaign

    Played off Levi's® global "Go forth" messaging and "pioneering spirit;" inspired youth to share and rate great ideas for creating a better future.

  • The Curve ID Facebook app

    The Curve ID Facebook app

    Integrated with social media services, an interactive Facebook tool to help female fans find the prefect jeans to fit their Curve ID.

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