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United Spirits Limited

United Spirits Limited

United Spirits Limited (USL), a giant in the global liquor industry, faced the daunting challenge of building brand awareness and loyalty in India where strict regulations ban the advertisement of alcohol.

With a stroke of ingenuity and close collaboration with USL, Interakt delivered a complete lifestyle-focused, multifaceted digital solution across multiple channels and platforms. The solution centered around the wildly popular spiritzandmore.com, a virtual venue for the primary target audience, the party crowd—lifestyle-conscious young adults interested in the good life, fashion, entertainment, and dining, all closely associated with alcohol consumption. An integrated business intelligence portal provided a dashboard view of valuable operational data and deep market insights that helped to convert portal visits to store footfalls.

  • Retail Business Intelligence
    • Business intelligence portal
    • Store promoter app
  • Online Media
    • Banners
    • eDMs
    • Social media flyers
  • Viral Campaigns
    • Grab Your Ticket social media campaign
    • Party with an iPhone online campaign
    • Flirt with the White Mischief Gals interactive campaign
  • Content Marketing
    • Social media posts and responses
    • Lifestyle/party/fashion blogs, articles, slideshows, videos
    • Party guides
    • Party planning widgets
    • SpirtizandMore outlet reviews
  • Website, Portals, Microsites
    • SpirtizandMore.com portal
    • VJM Media India corporate site
  • Marketing Campaigns
    • New Year party passes crowdsourcing campaign
    • Love Park engagement campaign
    • Click-and-Tell blogger campaign
  • Social Media
    • Facebook/Twitter management
    • Social media contests
    • Buddy Media tabs
  • eCRM
    • Bi-monthly newsletters
    • Party mobile app
    • Dealz merchandising and online event ticketing
  • Party mobile app

    Party mobile app

    Innovative mobile app that provided location-based information on parties and events, and entertainment and nightlife tips.

  • SpirtizandMore.com portal

    SpirtizandMore.com portal

    Focused on parties, fashion, and lifestyle with compelling content, coverage of hot topics, networking, sharing, and exclusive access to events.

  • Love Park engagement campaign

    Love Park engagement campaign

    A custom Facebook page for Valentine message sharing and gifting; the most interactive couple won a romantic, candlelight dinner.

  • Click-and-Tell blogger campaign

    Click-and-Tell blogger campaign

    Designed to inspire enthusiastic bloggers who provide "paparazzi-style" coverage of sports, parties, fashion, and USL–sponsored events.

  • Business Intelligence portal

    Business Intelligence portal

    Delivered real-time analytics for tracking brand performance across multiple outlets based on data feeds from custom-built web and mobile apps.

  • Store promoter app

    Store promoter app

    Mobile Android app that captured location-based conversion (BTL), time-in-store, and inventory information to manage in-store sales.

  • eDMs

    Grab Your Ticket social media campaign

    Facebook application to give sports fans the chance to vie for free tickets to live matches featuring teams sponsored by USL's brands.

  • Grab Your Ticket social media campaign


    Monthly newsletter for Spiritzandmore community featuring updates from the portal and news of upcoming brand events.

  • Party with an iPhone online campaign

    Party with an iPhone online campaign

    Capitalized on a much anticipated iPhone release with the chance to win one for community members who generated the most new memberships.

  • Flirt with the White Mischief Gals interactive campaign

    Flirt with the White Mischief Gals interactive campaign

    Achieved a rapid viral effect offering members the chance to get up close, personal, and a bit naughty virtually with members of a popular cheerleading team.

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