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Project/Account Manager

    • I play a variety of roles at multiple stages in our projects—from sales support and writing proposals to helping with content development and managing project delivery. I enjoy the variety of working with clients in different industries, and with teams from many different areas within Interakt. Our clients can count on me to see the big picture and to keep an eye on the details.

    • What inspires you?

      Talking big ideas with my husband.

    • What would you do if you won the lottery?

      Buy the house that my father designed for him and my mother.

    • Favorite bumper sticker line?

      If you can read this, you are driving too close!

    • What's your weekend like?

      Trying to balance "have to do" with "want to do."

    • Guilty pleasure?

      A baked potato followed by a dish of ice cream.

    • Hidden talents?

      Unexpected flashes of humor.